Några Orwell-brev, september-november 1932

A Kind of Compulsion, The Complete Works, vol. X, artikel 142, s. 268.

Brev till vännen Brenda Salkeld, september 1932:

I am writing as promised, but I can’t guarantee an even coherent letter, for a female downstairs is making the house uninhabitable by playing hymn-tunes on the piano, which, in combination with the rain outside & a dog yapping somewhere down the road, is rapidly qualifying me for the mental home. […] It was ever so nice seeing you again & finding that you were pleased to see me, in spite of my hideous prejudice against your sex, my obsession about R.C.s [Roman Catholics], etc.

Artikel 143, s. 269. Brev till Eleanor Jaques, 19 september 1932. Orwell jobbade vid denna tid vid en skola, och där tvingades han ibland gå i kyrkan.

…also been to church yesterday—sitting behind a moribund hag who stinks of mothballs & gin, & has to be more or less carried to & from the altar at communion; I suppose the truth is the poor old wretch is more or less in articulo mortis & is communicating as frequently as possible lest the Devil should happen to slip in at some moment when she is in mortal sin, & carry her off to the hottest part of Hell.

Artikel 145, s. 270. Till Eleanor Jaques, 19 oktober.

The papers this morning report quite serious rioting in Lambeth round the City Hall. It was evidently food-rioting, as the bakers’ shops were looted. That points to pretty serious conditions & there may be hell to pay in the winter if things are as bad as that already. I expect, tho’, just enough will be done to prevent anything violent happening. I know the quarter where it happened so well—I dare say some of my friends took part in it.

[Orwell har blivit inbjuden att komma på besök i Cambridge av vännen Denis Collings. Om detta skriver han:]

I would have liked to, but it is hard for me to get away, & there are, tho’ I didn’t tell him so, two or three people at Cambridge whom I’m not anxious to meet.

Artikel 147, s. 273. Till Eleanor Jaques, 18 november.

My book is to come out in early Jan., I think. Gollancz [förläggaren] wants to call it ”The Confessions of a Down & Out”. I am protesting against this as I don’t answer to the name of down & out, but I will let it go if he thinks seriously that it is a taking title.

Artikel 148, s. 274. Till sin litterära agent, Leonard Moore, 19 november 1932.

As to a pseudonym, the name I always use when tramping etc. is P. S. Burton, but if you don’t think this sounds a probable kind of name, what about

Kenneth Miles

George Orwell

H. Lewis Allways

I rather favour George Orwell.

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