Isaiah Berlin om kommunistpartier (1936)

Isaiah Berlin, Flourishing. Letters 1928—1946, Chatto & Windus, London, 2004, s. 167.

Brev till Stephen Spender, 25 april 1936.

News […] that you have joined the C.P. seems to me to alter nothing. You are quite right about it in England. On the continent, where in any case there was a tradition of government persecution, revolutionary parties automatically were conspiratorial, met abroad, talked about nothing save tactics & revolution, had no time for life or art, & were like Lenin so to speak. In England where this is not so, the C.P., is as you say, neo-liberal. It is a radical-intellectual revolt against the bureaucracy & stale corruptness of the Labour-Party, i.e. those who were socialists in 1920 are now communists, they don’t really hope for a revolution, & are more highbrow than Socialists, & more intelligent & less vulgar. Sigle Lynd says that only applies to the insignificant handful of intellectuals, while real party is different. Possibly. Only the former really alter the tone of the process.


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