Logisk positivism enligt Pravda

Här finns en översättning av artikeln om den logiska positivismen ur Kratkii filosofskii slovar’ [Short Philosophical Dictionary] (Moscow, 1951). Fascinerande läsning!

Den logiska positivismen, genom att den begränsar vetenskapen till det empiriska,

. . .plays into the hands of religion, justifying its pretense of the possibility of nonscientific, mystical knowledge, and also excluding ethics and aesthetics from the field of competence of science.

”Analysis” of scientific knowledge and judgments is considered to be the fundamental task of the philosophy of logical positivism. By means of blatant sophistry the logical positivists attempt to tear all material content out of scientific knowledge. Unable to refute the basic materialist principles directly, they decline to consider the most important questions of philosophical science, on the grounds that these questions are only ‘pseudoproblems’. The laws and forms of logic look to the logical positivists like the rules of a card game. Such ‘logic’, of course, affords an unbounded field for Scholastic tricks that serve the interests of imperialist reaction and of the clergy.


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