Nyheten om Chamberlain i München (Isaiah Berlin)

Brev till Elizabeth Bowen, september 1938. Isaiah har åkt nattåg och delat kupé med en hästhandlare.

In some wayside station at 6. am. men in pyjamas ran out & bought newspapers, with Chamberlain’s journey in them: ’the war is postponed’ said my horsedealer & then something like ’whizzbang’ & went to sleep again.

[. . .]

[The] newspapers read like a cheap serial, Chamberlain from having been a sad, mean, bedraggled figure is a national hero, Runciman sold the Czechs piecemeal & bit by bit while he prepared I think to sell them wholesale.

Isaiah Berlin, Flourishing. Letters 1928—1946, Chatto & Windus, London, 2004, s. 284–85.

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