Apropå Hayek vs. Ayn Rand

Ett citat ur Jan-Werner Müllers artikel Fear and Freedom: On ’Cold War Liberalism’ i European Journal of Political Theory, Vol. 7, No. 1, 2008, pp. 45-64. (En strålande artikel för övrigt, läste den för ett år sedan ungefär men lär få anledning att återkomma till den.)

Of course, many libertarians – Hayek and the representatives of the Freiburg School – also did not simply celebrate the strength of the capitalist entrepreneur, or saw the market as an unmixed blessing: there remains a world of difference between Hayek’s followers and, let’s say, Ayn Rand’s Nietzschean, if not outright Social Darwinist pro-capitalist dogma. Hayek, Wilhelm Röpke and Alexander Rüstow looked to Christianity and cultural traditions to compensate for the moral damage the market may inflict; and the very notion of ordo betrayed the Catholic roots of the Freiburg School and some of Hayek’s disciples in the US.

[s. 56 i EJPT eller s. 21 i onlineversionen ovan]

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