Judith Shklar om John Adams

Ikväll börjar miniserien John Adams på Svt. Rekommenderas varmt. Ett citat som ackompanjemang:

At his gloomiest, Adams predicted that his and Jefferson’s efforts to keep hereditary offices and honors out of America would fail. Exaggerated as they were, Adam’s worries were not without substance. He could see that the problem of equality in an open representative electoral system, in which majorities ruled, could not be abated by political careers open to talent only. Prestige had politically dangerous possibilities and, given the intensity of social ambitions, he did not see how one could contain ”the few” [uppkomsten av en oligarki]. This had made him, conservative though he was, the openly acknowledged precursor of modern radical democrats, especially of anti-elitists.

Judith Shklar, Ordinary Vices, s. 104


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