Stephen Toulmin (1922–2009)

Den mångsidige filosofen Stephen Toulmin avled den 4:e december. Minnestexter i The New York Times och från hans universitet, University of Southern California, där man bland annat skriver:

After Toulmin delivered the Jefferson Lecture in Washington, D.C., the late philosopher Marx W. Wartofsky noted in an essay that Toulmin’s openness to the variety of reason had taken him “on an odyssey through strange seas and distant intellectual climes.”

“Toulmin had the arrogance, the wit, the style and the scientific training to question the received view,” Wartofsky wrote. “Worse yet, he had the historical grasp and the philosophic breadth to trace it to its origins, to the contexts in which it arose; and he had the further chutzpah to offer an account of why it arose when it did historically, what its social political impetus was. He was not prescient, nor did he do this all at once. But here lies the vivid continuity of his project.”


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