Välståndet undergräver sig självt?

Under mellandagarna läste jag boken Fishing in Utopia — Sweden and the Future that Disappeared av Andrew Brown. Mycket bra, men inte uppmuntrande. Boken fick Orwell-priset i England 2009.

Här är ett stycke som anknyter till gårdagens inlägg:

Even in the Seventies, hardly anyone in Sweden was more than three generations away from subsistence farming, so that the rich egalitarian country that I had moved to, and which all the outside world could see, was built by people who grew up with habits instilled by the poor and hierarchical country which survived only in memories. Whether prosperity can survive without the memories and disciplines of poverty is a question I don’t know the answer to.

Andrew Brown, Fishing in Utopia — Sweden and the Future that Disappeared, (London: Granta Books, 2008), s. 17.


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