The Economist om Labour och BNP

Artikel i The Economist: ”When grown men cry: Why the BNP vote is growing”.

Labour’s vote in Barking [. . .] has declined sharply, from around 65% in 1997 to around 50% in 2005 as the BNP vote has increased. In 2006 the BNP won a score of council seats. And in the European elections last year, for the first time, the party gained two MEPs (one of them Mr Griffin), attracting 6.2% of the popular vote across the country.

[. . .]

Tony Travers, of the London School of Economics, says Labour “is completely split about what to do about the threat of the BNP”. In fact all liberal parties find it hard to “put across an offer that goes some way to recognising the aspirations and feelings of those who vote BNP”. But if they don’t engage with the people who support the BNP out of a sense of powerlessness, the party will advance. If it wins control of the council or a parliamentary seat, it will be time, Mr Travers concludes, “to press the panic button”.

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