Tocqueville: en annan värld är möjlig

Will socialism remain buried in the contempt that so justly covers the socialists of 1848? I ask the question without answering it. I am sure that in the long run the constituent laws of our modern society will be drastically modified; many of the main parts of them have already been substantially modified. But will they ever be abolished and replaced by others? That seems impracticable to me. I say no more, for the more I study the former state of the world, and indeed even when I see the modern world in greater detail, when I consider the prodigious diversity found there, not just in laws but in the principles of the laws and the different forms that the right of property has taken and, whatever anybody says, still takes on this earth, I am tempted to the belief that what are called necessary institutions are only institutions to which one is accustomed, and that in matters of social constitution the field of possibilities is much wider than people living within each society imagine.

Chockerande? Ja, jo — detta stycke beskrivs i Hugh Brogans biografi som ”närmast unikt”.

Alexis de Tocqueville, Recollections: The French Revolution of 1848, (New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers, 1987), s. 76.


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