Margaret Gilbert: all politisk filosofi bör inte vara normativ

[The chapters] are not, or not intentionally, in any way partisan. My overarching concern, as said, is to understand the terms in which people conduct their everyday lives the terms, more particularly, in which they live among one another and conduct their lives together. This concern, important as it is, is fairly far from the usual terrain of contemporary political philosophy, which is largely geared to justifying particular evaluative, moral judgments on the conduct of life within and between political societies. This is, of course, a vital project. Its virtually exclusive pursuit, however, can lead to an obfuscatory moralization of the whole domain of political life, something that blinds us to deeply important dimensions of political life, thought, and action.

– Gilbert, Margaret. 2013. Joint Commitment: How We Make the Social World. Oxford University Press, s. 17.