”The Aims of Political Philosophy”

Idag har jag läst ett paper av Colin Koopman (University of California, Santa Cruz) med titeln The Aims of Political Philosophy in John Rawls, Bernard Williams, and Richard Rorty. Dess abstrakt: What ought a political philosophy seek to achieve?  How should political philosophy address itself to its subject matter?  What is the relation between political philosophy and other forms of reflective inquiry?  In answering these metaphilosophical questions, political philosophy has long been dominated by a roughly utopian self-image.  According to this conception, the aim of political philosophy is the rigorous development of theoretical ideals of justice, state, and law.  I … Fortsätt läsa ”The Aims of Political Philosophy”

Om Bernard Williams

I boken 12 Modern Philosophers (Blackwell, 2009) profileras bland andra Bernard Williams (av Cathrine Wilson). Williams was unmistakenly an analytical philosopher, a mapper of entailment relations, a discoverer or manufacturer of distinctions, an inventor and sometimes a solver of conceptual puzzles. [s. 76] Det jag främst gillar med Williams är att denna analytiska ådra kombineras med idéhistorisk medvetenhet samt anknytning till reella problem och dilemman. Mer ur 12 Modern Philosophers: Williams distinguished between ethics, the study of how to live, involving a sensitive, historically informed, analytical attention to questions of conduct and attitude that he tried to practice, and morality, … Fortsätt läsa Om Bernard Williams