Berggren om Judt om socialdemokratin

Henrik Berggren skriver idag om Judts ”What is Living and What is Dead in Social Democracy” som jag skrev ett inlägg om för ett tag sedan. Berggrens slutpoäng är nog giltig: att den intellektuella diskussionen är en sak, men att i praktiken skapa politiskt stöd för en socialdemokratisk politik är en annan. Judts uppmaning var följande: If social democracy has a future, it will be as a social democracy of fear. Rather than seeking to restore a language of optimistic progress, we should begin by reacquainting ourselves with the recent past. The first task of radical dissenters today is to … Fortsätt läsa Berggren om Judt om socialdemokratin

”The Conservative” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

A Lecture delivered at the Masonic Temple, Boston, December 9, 1841 The two parties which divide the state, the party of Conservatism and that of Innovation, are very old, and have disputed the possession of the world ever since it was made. This quarrel is the subject of civil history. The conservative party established the reverend hierarchies and monarchies of the most ancient world. The battle of patrician and plebeian, of parent state and colony, of old usage and accommodation to new facts, of the rich and the poor, reappears in all countries and times. The war rages not only … Fortsätt läsa ”The Conservative” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)