With the aid of his pragmatic contrivances man has outdistanced all other animals and made himself lord of creation. For our purpose here, which is to show how the government of man over man has come to be, it will serve if we divide man’s contrivances into two broad classes. Let us call them respectively […]

Ett av de skäl som fick mig att börja läsa Ibn Khaldun var en passage i Ernest Gellners Plough, Sword and Book, där Gellner beskriver Khalduns definition av staten som “an institution which prevents injustice other than such as it commits itself” (1989, s. 239). Här den relevanta passagen som jag hittat hos Khaldun: Evil […]

[Den första bloggposten om Philosophy and Real Politics finner du här] Efter introduktionen ger Raymond Geuss en mer utförlig sketch av sin realistiska ansats. Hobbes är naturligtvis startpunkten. What I wish to call ”the realist approach to political philosophy” develops this basically Hobbesian insight. It is centred on the study of historically instantiated forms of […]

Goldhammer sammanfattar två intressanta tankegångar: Invoking the work of Marcel Gauchet and Keith Baker, [David Bell] makes two key points: first, that “the intellectual achievements of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, by so clearly delineating the terrestrial sphere, also demanded a new vocabulary to describe it and to help human beings discern and […]