Walzer och ”bad utopianism”

Har just påbörjat Michael Walzers On Toleration (som jag borde ha läst för länge sedan). Apropå mitt tidigare inlägg om ”The Aims of Political Philosophy”:

Sometimes, at least, and probably very often, the things we admire in a particular historical arrangement are functionally related to the things we fear or dislike. It is an example of what might be called ”bad utopianism” to imagine that we can reproduce or imitate the first and avoid the second. Philosophy has to be historically informed and sociologically competent if it is to avoid bad utopianism and acknowledge the hard choices that must often be made in political life. The harder the choices are, the less likely it is that one outcome, and one only, warrants philosophical approval. Perhaps we should choose this way here and that way there, this way now, that way at some future time. Perhaps all our choices should be tentative and experimental, always subject to revision or even reversal.

(s. 5)


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